Buying A Sportster or any other motorcycle or car
Every body wants you to believe a story,whether it is true or false is up to you to decide after asking questions...
Has it been rebuilt??
Sure it has ,by a Harley -Davidson mechanic
Great ,Do you have the build sheet and phone number to the shop ?? Did he just do a tune-up ? A Repair ? Did he have a machine shop at his disposal and skills to provide the right information to the machine shop ?? Silence
Ok What was done to it ? Top end ? Bottom end ? Any welds inside the cases ? why doesn't it start ,Silence
The value of any motorcycle should go down as the questions go unanswered. Wouldn't you keep records of a bike that was rebuilt ??
1 out of every 5 or 6 Sportsters I have bought is a fair to good running bike. If they have sat over a year and  cannot be started you should not buy that bike unless you are prepared to spend thousands of dollars on just the motors alone. The longer they have sat the more problems there are. Even if they start after sitting 2 or 3 years with no oil the seals are usually bad ,the bearing s are usually scored and they will only last a thousand to 2000 miles or so under hard service . Not every time mind you but usually. Another thing I find disturbing is the use of silicone to seal the engines. It winds up in every oil passage !!!
So remember as they say .Long after the sweet satisfaction of a cheap deal is gone is the bitter taste of a waste of money...
And a note ,Sportsters do not start hard unless they are very high compression or have magnetos and a tillotson. But if they are in tune and you have there program down ,they all start between 1 and 5 kicks. If not you need to dial it in.. Kicking will not fix it !!!!!
Kurt Von Zech
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